Stretch Laces

Color: Black

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Atoms Stretch Laces are a part of a proprietary system, designed to make the process of putting on your shoes as easy as pulling on a T-shirt. Their unique stretching properties not only ensure that your Atoms shoe can adapt to your foot’s natural movements and expansion throughout the day more comfortably, but they also mitigate issues with getting untied. That’s right: Atoms Stretch Laces are virtually “tie once” shoelaces.

Now you can customize your Atoms with multiple vibrant colors. Consult the chart to make sure you get the right size length for your pair of Atoms shoes.

One more thing: while no one can stop you from putting Atoms Stretch Laces on non-Atoms shoes, our laces’ best features won’t magically make those shoes as good as Atoms. The laces are just one part of the carefully-made system. So if you haven’t already, make sure to try out a pair.

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